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Landscape lights, art embellishment of the night

Publication time:2019/3/2 19:20:58

Landscape lighting in a city reflects the appearance of a city, is a city's characteristics, is an indispensable important element of modern cities, so landscape lights have gradually become a new expression to highlight the city's rich cultural heritage, condense the unique charm of the city, which is of great significance to enhance the image of the city, promote urban economic development, and improve the quality of life of people. Today, Yincheng Outdoor Lighting will bring you a sense of art under the Landscape Lamp, telling you that there is a reason to fall in love with the Landscape Lamp.~

The artistic sense of landscape lamp makes the city night scenery richer and more colorful, and the atmosphere of life more strong. It is a direct response to the city's history and culture, citizens'living conditions and social and economic development. It is of great significance to the display of the city's comprehensive image.



Lighting design is not simply the combination of architecture and lighting. The design of modern urban lighting environment needs not only to discuss the technical issues of lighting intensity and color quality, but also to achieve specific creative expression through flexible, changeable and effective lighting design, so as to create a humanized environment full of emotional resonance for urban public space.


At the same time, we believe that landscape lamp design is also a comprehensive art. Good lighting design makes the urban landscape more flexible, makes the citizens more energetic, and makes the urban culture more charming.