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What are the important components of LED courtyard lamp?

Publication time:2019/2/27 17:29:21

The LED courtyard lamp is a kind of outdoor lighting lamps. Its light source uses a new type of LED semiconductor as the light source, usually refers to the outdoor road lighting lamps under 6 meters. Its main components are: LED light source, lamps, lamp poles, flanges, basic embedded parts. Because the LED courtyard lamp has the characteristics of diversity, beauty and beautification and decorative environment, it is also called. Landscape LED courtyard lights. LED has the characteristics of energy saving and high efficiency. It is mainly used in outdoor lighting of urban slow lane, narrow lane, residential area, tourist attractions, parks, squares and other public places. It can prolong the time of people's outdoor activities and improve the safety of property.

LED luminous system: LED light source system includes: heat dissipation, light distribution, LED module.

Luminaire: The luminaire is equipped with LED light-emitting system. Cut the wire to make a wire, take 1.0mm? Red and black copper core multi-strand wire, cut 6 segments 40mm each, peel off both ends 5mm, and dip in tin. Make lamp board lead, take YC2X1.0mm? Two core wires, cut a section 700mm, peel the inner end 60mm, peel the brown line 5mm, dip tin; peel the blue line 5mm, dip tin. The outer end was peeled 80 mm, the brown line was peeled 20 mm, and the blue line was peeled 20 mm.

Lamp pole: The main materials of LED courtyard lamp pole are: equal diameter steel pipe, heterosexual steel pipe, equal diameter aluminium pipe, cast aluminium lamp pole and aluminium alloy lamp pole. The commonly used diameters are 60, 76, 89, 100, 114, 140, 165. According to the height and the place used, the thickness of the selected materials is divided into: wall thickness 2.5, wall thickness 3.0, wall thickness 3.5. (Above is normal size)