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Does the LED street lamp suffer from serious light decay?

Publication time:2019/2/27 17:27:48

Speaking of the problem of LED street lamp light decay, it is necessary to deal with several major reasons of LED street lamp light decay.

One point is that there are many problems in the lamp wick of LED street lamp, which lead to serious light decay, and there are also technological problems, which lead to poor contact in the working process.

In addition, in the process of using, some LED street lamps are driven by direct current, direct voltage drive will lead to attenuation, and the current used is greater than the rated current, resulting in serious light attenuation. The most direct is that many of the light decay problems are caused by imperfect heat dissipation, many manufacturers do not pay attention to heat dissipation, leading to a great problem of heat dissipation, causing serious light decay of LED street lamps.

So when choosing the LED street lamp, we should pay attention to, first, what kind of LED street lamp head we should choose, second, the working environment of the LED street lamp head, and third, the technical parameters of the LED street lamp head.

Therefore, only to meet these requirements, LED street lamp light fading problem can be effectively controlled and solved.