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Characteristics of LED Street Luminaries

Publication time:2019/2/23 15:21:21

1. Long life

LED light source is called longevity lamp, which means never-extinguishing lamp. LED uses solid-state semiconductor chip to convert electrical energy into light energy, and epoxy resin packaging, which can withstand high strength mechanical impact. The lifetime of a single LED tube is 100,000 hours, the lifetime of the light source is more than 50,000 hours, and the lifetime of the light source is more than 10 years, 12 hours a day. Maintenance cost is low.

2. High safety

LED light source is driven by low voltage. It has stable luminescence, no pollution, no stroboscopic, no ultraviolet B band. The color/color Ra value is close to 100, the color temperature is 5000K, and the closest to the solar color temperature is 5500 K.

3. High Energy Conservation

It has the characteristics of low voltage, low current and high brightness. The light energy of 10-12 W LED source is equivalent to that of 35-150 W incandescent lamp. The lighting effect of LED is 80%-90% higher than that of traditional light source.

4. Environmental Protection

It is a typical green light source with no pollution, no mercury element, cold light source, safe touch, no heat, no radiation and micro-glare, and can be recycled.

5. High light efficiency

LED street lamp has 50-200 lumens/watt light efficiency, narrow spectrum and good monochrome. Almost all the light emitted can be used without filters.

6. More light and color

You can choose white or color light, red, yellow, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, etc. You can also use the multi-color combination and circular discoloration of brilliant lights according to your needs. The light source of LE street lamp can adopt the principle of three basic colors: red, green and basket. Under the control of computer technology, these three colors have 256 gray levels, and can be mixed arbitrarily to produce 256*256*256=16777216 colors. Different combinations of light and color are formed to achieve a variety of dynamic effects and images.

7. Hi-tech cutting edge

Compared with the monotonous lighting effect of traditional light source, LED light source is a low-voltage microelectronic product, which successfully integrates computer technology, network communication technology and image processing technology. Embedded control technology, so it is also a digital information product, semiconductor optoelectronic devices "high-tech frontier" technology, with online programming, unlimited upgrade, flexible and changeable characteristics.

8. Rapid response

The response time of LED street lamp is very short. The switch between multiple light sources or different areas of the light source can be ensured according to the need. When special power supply is used to supply LED light source, the maximum illumination time is less than 10 ms.

9. Reasonable structure of LED lamps

The structure of the LED lamp will be completely changed. According to different professional requirements, the structure of LED lamps can increase the brightness, and then improve the initial brightness and the brightness of LED lamps by improving the optical lens.

10. Low operating cost

Other light sources not only consume 2 to 10 times more than LED light sources, but also need to be replaced almost every other month, wasting a lot of valuable time, maintenance engineers. In addition, the use of multiple light sources, greater equipment replacement and labor costs, and savings from initial investment will soon be offset by routine maintenance and maintenance costs. Therefore, in the long run, the choice of long-life LED light source is very economical.

11. Diversity of Design Shapes

The domestic LED light source consists of many single LED light emitting tubes. LED light source is a kind of chip light source, so it can be made into more shapes than other light sources. According to the user's situation, it is easier to design the shape and size of the light source.